StreetLib Write is a tool that can be used by everyone, from beginner authors just starting out with their first book, to big corporate publishers with thousands of titles.

Regulars at StreetLib will already know that, as part of our portfolio of Value Added Services to compliment our global ebook and audiobook distribution, we also offer a free editing and formatting tool called StreetLib Write.

This week we’re pleased to announce the StreetLib Write service has been re-designed and re-launched with a new UX and some great new features that authors and publishers of all sizes will want to try out.

With the new StreetLib Write you can create beautiful ebooks and also beautiful PDFs for Print On Demand.

And to make life easier still you can design your own ebook cover, and even your POD cover (complete with back cover and spine), within StreetLib Write. Or of course you can upload your pre-existing cover if you have one.

Lots of other improvements to StreetLib Write too, that are too numerous to mention here.

For that reason we have introduced a tiered subscription pricing system that lets the novice author get up and running for free, while for larger users needing more advanced tools and storage space (very useful for books that need frequent updates) we have two paid tiers of service, that can be paid monthly or annually and that can be cancelled at any time.

The epubs and PDFs (or POD) that you download are yours to use as you see fit, and can be uploaded via StreetLib or via any other platform you may wish to use.

For existing StreetLib Write users, the new facilities are free to use until October 1°, 2020.

The new StreetLib Write is just one of a raft of improvements and re-designs to the StreetLib site we’ll be making through the year as we take StreetLib to the next level as the most globally-focussed facilitator and distributor of ebooks, POD, audiobooks, podcasts and online reading.