Our new mobile app is now available. We encourage all of our authors and publishers to try it and provide us with feedback.

In an interesting article published by Brian Solis on Fast Company, the well-known digital anthropologist told readers about the birth of a new generation of consumers, the Novel Generation. According to Solis, this new generation of users, which for convenience we’ll refer to as Generation N, stems from the sudden and global effect that COVID 19 has had on our lives.

In fact, before the pandemic, those belonging to Generation N were already adept at using digital applications and were obliged to digitize the rest of their lives in a very short space of time because of respective lockdowns.

We believe that so many of us have the requirements to fit into this new generation of users. In fact, during the last few months, our relationship with technology has changed and our online presence has intensified. We use digital to work, study, and buy. We quickly became more conscious about our capabilities online and therefore more demanding. We explore new possibilities every day and are constantly looking for increasingly fluid, simple, and intuitive digital experiences.

Reading Solis' article made us smile. And that's because here at StreetLib, we have always worked hard to adjust to the constantly evolving digital contexts, to meet the needs of publishers and authors from all over the world, whose demands continually increase and change. We like to think that on this occasion, our commitment was pointed in the right direction, the direction indicated by Solis, and that our App was born from exactly this type of constant experimentation.

As we’ve already said, the StreetLib App, available on Apple Store and Google Play Store, brings all the features of our platform to mobile devices, allowing publishers and authors to monitor their activity anytime, anywhere.

Let's take a look at the main features:

Sales control and analysis

Despite the huge number of global distributions guaranteed by StreetLib – 50 from online bookstores and distribution services, 400 physical sites, and more than 50,000 from public, school, and university libraries - with our App you’ll be able to monitor the sales of ebooks, audiobooks, and paper books in print-on-demand in a very intuitive way. You will also be able to monitor the performance from subscription services, online reading, and digital lending.

You'll have access to the Analytics section of your account as you’re already aware, but with greater agility, thanks to the mobile app format. You can view the revenue for the last 30 days organized by format and sales data and divided by temporary and final: temporary sales are just an estimate that will be certified at the end of the month; final sales refer to the actual amount accrued based on the last receipt/invoice issued and approved. This is to ensure greater transparency during monitoring.

You’ll be able to check and analyze every single sale: from the percentage of earnings by country to the store or the library where the title was sold. But not only that: you’ll have different filters to enable you to personalize your overview of your products performance. You can filter data by time period or sale type (title, author, category, ISBN, Country of sale, bookshop), and soon we’ll enable you to save your filter combinations and make them default.

Billing management and reporting

What about billing? As you know, reports are recurring and above all automatic, and so is the payment of your earnings that are made at 60 days from the end of the month from the issuance of the receipt/invoice. Through the App, you can access sales reports and check invoices and receipts issued and recorded in your account.

Over 4.8 billion people are online every day and over 90% of them connect on mobile devices. These numbers can no longer be ignored. That's why the New StreetLib App is just the first tangible element of a list of new services that we will launch during the coming months.

Haven't downloaded our new App yet?

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