Just over a year has passed since the last revolution at StreetLib Write, our complete tool for the production of paper books and digital editions. Last March we presented a new interface and convenient subscription plans: since then, writing a complete and professional service has been Write's main goal. In that spirit, Write has just developed many new features, designed to create your books, from text to cover, from ebook to paper, even easier, faster, and more creative!

Have you already tested any of them? Let's discover them together:

New Cover Editor

Write has long offered the possibility of creating covers for both ebooks and paper books, but the updated cover editor is now a complete tool that will help you achieve a more professional result thanks to its greater level of customization.

A new fixed text formatting bar replaced the previous, floating version. Whenever you need to edit the text, the bar will automatically activate giving you the possibility to work effortlessly. Inside the toolbar, we've added three new buttons that will allow you to align or resize the frames with a simple click! To help you with the positioning, there will be useful guidelines that will automatically activate, indicating the alignment with the center of the section every time a pane is moved.

New fixed text formatting bar
New buttons to align or resize the frames

Improved Image Processing. The new guidelines will simplify the placement of the various elements as well as the ability to customize the size of background images of your cover, which was previously limited to the preset options. Two new buttons will allow you to quickly center the image, both horizontally and vertically.

New guidelines
Customize size of background images

We also have some important news for the processing of paper books' cover pages. It's finally possible to extend the background image beyond the border bleeds to ensure a perfect typographic rendering of the page layout.

New features for download

Tracking the generation status of your files becomes easier and has been developed with more detail. Next to the download buttons, specific icons will indicate the progress level of your work in real-time. Once the generation is complete, you can download the book in a few seconds, and thanks to the new button “Cancel Now” you can also cancel the generation of the file. Finally, we've added the possibility to activate notifications by email that will inform you once the generation is completed so you don't have to wait for the process to end. Now you can close the download pop-up window at any time.

New file manager

The "Book Tab" has a new "Files" section in which you'll find the list of files completed or in the generation phase. Each file indicates the creation date, so that historic data is always available. In the new section, you can continue to monitor the progress of the file generation. Directly from the list, you have the possibility to quickly download the file, cancel its generation and activate email notifications.

New interface to manage payment methods

From the "Other" section of your profile, you can now access the new dedicated page for payment methods. The new management allows you to activate, add or delete any payment method, either credit cards or PayPal accounts.

Have we intrigued you? Let us know what you think and feel free to write in the comments if you have any feedback or suggestions!