Welcome back, StreetLib users! In this latest Release Update, we'll fill you in on several new platform features to help your publishing game. If you want a refresher, check out our first update here.

More Sales Data

Kicking things off, the StreetLib HUB now packs way more in-depth data on your catalog's sales and downloads. The new Product Insights section lays everything out in easy-to-scan charts so you can make informed decisions on managing your titles.

You'll see monthly revenue breakdowns by store, distribution type, country and more. There's also intel on where your books rank on Amazon to optimize your Amazon marketing efforts.

Richer Metadata

Complete metadata makes a huge difference for sales. Books with all descriptive elements see a 65% higher sales than ones without. And ONIX compliant metadata? 100% more sales than non-compliant.

We're constantly enriching records to help you spotlight your books. Some recent upgrades: you can now note target audiences like adults, kids or teens. Plus, super specific genres will help your books show up in the right categories.

Some other neat connections you can now add to your title metadata:

  • Alternative versions
  • Replacements
  • Translations
  • Special editions
  • Books by the same author
  • Print-on-demand books based on an ebook
  • ebooks based on print copies

There's also a new customizable watermark feature to safeguard ebooks. Quietly embed buyer info to track unauthorized sharing. This is ideal for high-ticket and academic books. You can create a watermark with images, text, English/Italian defaults - whatever you need.