Some say that no one wants to read emails anymore. Others say that this is a period of revival for the email, bringing it a renewed worldwide success.

Our editorial offices have paid little attention to the various mindsets about the life of newsletters and their future roles. We simply thought that your inbox would be the perfect place to share a small, intimate, and often hidden part of our work. For us, that's the ideal place to spend some time reading a text without being interrupted by the constant noise coming from social networks or web pages, with their advertisements, banners, and pop-ups.

We think emails are the best way to convey this new project that we call StreetLib Notes because it serves as an editorial notebook, with an informal tone and vocal character, in which you’ll find:

•    our backstage stories

• exclusive previews on the upcoming news from our platform

• communications and ideas on the world of publishing

• the latest from our blog

•    and, why not, dedicated promotions too.

We promise to be discreet. We’ll only send you StreetLib Notes once a month!

In the first newsletter that was sent out just a few days ago, we discussed the StreetLib Annual Team Meeting that took place on September 29th; we told you about the on-going work of customer support, and about three pieces of very good news: a forthcoming service for publishing promotion, the new features available on StreetLib Write and the interesting feedback from a recent convention with the Italian Publishers Association.

We concluded with a video of Israeli author David Grossman that was shown during the opening ceremony of the Frankfurter Buchmesse 2020, as well as some insights into how the Italian publishing industry dealt with the difficult months of lockdown.

If what we have written so far has still not convinced you, here’s three more reasons why you should decide to receive StreetLib Notes in your inbox:

  • We’ll keep you updated with lots of information on StreetLib's activities and the publishing landscape worldwide.
  • We’ll share previews of our new features, information on national and international conventions, and promotions.
  • We’ll continue to inspire by sharing interesting and relevant stories and readings, as well as video clips and other resources.

To receive our next Note, coming Monday, November 30th, just click here!
We'll wait for you on board!