Last Monday, October the 4th, around 5:40 pm Italian time, Facebook servers collapsed. Platforms like WhatsApp and Instagram became unavailable for hours in various parts of the world; people could not connect to their social accounts and then completely lost control over their corporate pages and accounts, as well as their active advertising campaigns.

What could this experience teach to publishers and authors?

The blackout of the entire Facebook system gives us an opportunity to think about things. Many people centralize their online presence on social networks belonging to third parties. What happened on Monday for almost seven hours, could happen to any of these platforms, which might suddenly disappear with our communities and content.

Why not take Monday, October 4th 2021 as a cautionary tale? What just happened to Facebook, added to the progressive tracking limits introduced by iOS last summer, should give us pause to review the modes and channels of our online communication.

Perhaps it's time to start working on the construction of our own database, on the development and management of proprietary channels, and the creation of direct systems to contact readers that won't be subject to sudden network outages, or be subject to the whims of an algorithm.

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