Retail promotions are a great way to get more eyes on your book, sell more copies, and connect with readers. Ebook promotions work like front-of-the-store displays in bookstores, but in virtual storefronts instead of physical ones. To make these promotions work, you need to plan well, carry them out carefully, and look at how they did afterwards.

StreetLib helps authors and publishers on the Pro Plan get their books in front of readers on big e-book stores like Kobo and Apple. This is super helpful because these stores usually don't take books directly from individual authors or small publishers.

Why Retail Promotions are Great:

  • More People See Your Book: Promotions can get your book in front of lots more readers.
  • More Sales: Lower prices often mean more people buy your book.
  • Better Recommendations: For online stores, more sales can mean your book shows up more often in their "recommended" lists.
  • New Readers: People who buy your book on sale might become fans and buy your other books at full price later.

How Retail Promotions Work:

  1. Choosing and Planning: First, you pick which book(s) to promote. You might choose based on the season, upcoming holidays, new releases, or your marketing goals. StreetLib lets its publishers know when there's a chance for a promotion.
  2. Working with Bookstores: StreetLib then works with online bookstores to set up the promotion. This includes things like changing the book's price in their system and making sure your book is easy to find on their website.
  3. Launching the Promotion: The promotion starts as planned. The bookstore often helps by sending emails to customers, posting on social media, and advertising your book.
  4. Keeping an Eye on Things: During the promotion, it's important to watch how it's going. This helps you make changes if needed, both for this promotion and future ones.

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