BookRix GmbH & Co. KG, the operator of Germany's largest independent self-publishing platform with a history spanning over 15 years, and StreetLib S.r.l., a leading digital-first publishing platform serving hundreds of publishers across Europe and the United States, today announced the successful completion of their system integration. 

This marks the launch of their new, cutting-edge self-publishing platform tailored for the German market. The platform is accessible at the following link

Giacomo D'Angelo, CEO at StreetLib, remarks: "We've rolled out this new platform in record time and I'm super proud of what our team has achieved so far. Now, we're all set to keep the momentum going, bringing cool new features to help indie authors in Germany. It's an exciting time to be in digital publishing, and we're just getting started!"

"The integration of our platform into the StreetLib environment gives us the opportunity to further develop the concept of self-publishing and community, which has characterized BookRix since its launch in 2008, in the changing market of digital publishing and keep it up to date," says Johannes Conrady, CEO of BookRix. "We see this as the first step towards creating a platform for our authors that combines existing and new formats and distribution options into a 360-degree publishing model."

About Bookrix

BookRix is the largest independent German self-publishing platform based in Munich, specializing in data-driven digital publishing. With a passion for the written word, an analytical approach and creative intuition, BookRix has been helping independent authors publish their books for more than 15 years. Since 2019, BookRix also operates the publishing house ZEILENFLUSS. Through years of experience in digital publishing, BookRix has built a highly specialized team that responds to the ever-changing demands of publishing with unique expertise and develops innovative solutions.