In 2021 many events were canceled, postponed, or arranged to use alternative solutions and formats; it seems however, that in these last few months of a troubled year, we will finally be able to attend the long-awaited book fairs. We will at long last have the opportunity to attend events, exhibitions, and fairs in person, both in Italy and across Europe, as mentioned in our last monthly newsletter, StreetLib Notes.

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Wednesday 29th of September at 3pm CET (online)

APA Webinar - Where in the World is Audio Growing

The Global Audio Market

Speakers: Giacomo D'Angelo, CEO of StreetLib; Mark Williams, Editor-In-Chief of the New Publishing Standard; Steve Bohme, UK Research Director of Nielsen Book Research

Connect and educate: the events organized by APA, Audio Publisher Association, are always based on these two concepts, so this time it certainly will not be any different. The events season kicked off last Wednesday 29th September with a free webinar (exclusively for members) dedicated to audiobooks, which will be attended by our CEO Giacomo D'Angelo and Mark Williams, Editor-In-Chief of The New Publishing Standard - a StreetLib project that has become one of the main online platform dedicated to global publishing.

Where in the World is Audio Growing it is the title of the online event dedicated to the international audiobook market. This event will analyze current data, look out at future prospects, and evaluate growth rates. Our speakers focused on the trend that shows some countries are often ignored or undervalued from a digital publishing perspective, but have more than 5.17 billion people using the internet: the Nordics, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa. While most publishers continue to put their attention and investments in Western countries, especially the United States of America and the United Kingdom, the "rest of the world” is showing a growing appreciation for the digital use of content, especially in audio format.

Last June, Mark Williams concluded his in-depth analysis of the data provided by the Internet World Stats, on the number of active internet users in the world, with the statement: “the global book market is already much larger than most publishers think. With the transition to a digital format, the potential of hybrid printing and the global digital book market is staggering. Today, there are 3 billion more internet users than in 2011. And only 6% of the world total is in the USA”.Here you can find the link to participate. Please note that registration is exclusively for members of the Audio Publisher Association.

Here you can find the link to the presentation.

14th - 18th October 2021

Turin International Book Fair

"It will be the Turin Book Fair, with the richest and most extensive program in its history, that proves the book always wins”. These were the words of the director of the Turin Book Fair, Nicola Lagioia, while presenting the 33rd edition of one of the most important publishing events in Europe. Vita Supernova is the name of the theme chosen for this exceptional Autumn Edition of the fair, which takes place on the 700th anniversary of Dante Alighieri's death and offers a packed agenda.

From Friday 15th to Sunday 17th October: let's meet at SalTo! Book your appointment with one click:

Giacomo D'Angelo, CEO StreetLib

Giovanna Russo, Customer Relations Manager StreetLib

Claudia Panunzio, Customer Care Manager StreetLib

Friday 15th October at 4pm CET - Sala Business, PAD 3 Audiobooks and Podcasts: the beginning of a new era

Speakers: Giacomo D'Angelo, CEO at StreetLib; Giovanna Russo, Customer Relations Manager at StreetLib; Cristiana Giacometti CEO at Il Narratore Audiolibri

During the last edition of the International Turin Book Fair, in May of 2019, we announced the beginning of a great new partnership with Il Narratore Audiolibri. Friday, October 15th, for our first public event at the fair, we will be joined by Cristiana Giacometti, CEO of a publishing business which has specialized in the production and publication of online audiobooks since 1999. Our enthusiastic collaboration with Il Narratore began in May of 2019 and since that time, it has evolved and improved; as well as distribution and realization of audiobooks, we have added several production services for publishers and authors.

Are we really at the beginning of a new era for audiobooks and podcasts in Italy? Audiobooks still find little space in the internal, Italian editorial debate, yet users are increasingly enthusiastic about everything to do with audio entertainment. In 2020, the number of listeners in Italy reached 10 million, a number that can no longer be ignored! While in our country the new era has perhaps just begun, DeepZen, a company operating in the field of artificial intelligence applied to audio, will be collaborating with the American distributor IngramSpark to offer a preview of AI audio services to publishers and authors. So, are we seeing the beginning of a second new era for the global audiobook market? Just a few years ago, very few would have had the audacity to be so optimistic.

How did publishers respond to the emerging needs of the growing number of readers/listeners? During the event, we will try to answer this and other questions about the production and distribution of audio content, by giving important information on the best services available, distribution partners, and key opportunities.

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